Become a Buddy Mentor in/after the Summer AID

Become a Buddy Mentor in/after the Winter AID

Wageningen is a small town where people from all over the world come together. Would you like to experience this side of student life? Become a Buddy Mentor in our Buddy Program! Helping new students experience Wageningen will make your semester one that you will never forget!

A Buddy Family consists of 2 or 3 enthusiastic Buddy Mentors and approximately 10-15 international, newly arrived students. As a Buddy Mentor, you will let international students feel at home in Wageningen and show them around in our lovely town. Together you can do lots of activities for at least 1 semester. Thanks to you they will make new friends from the start and they will not be completely lost. Next to this you will have a great time, make new friends, experience new cultures and practice your English.

ESN offers special benefits to Buddy Mentors and Buddy Families. As a Buddy Mentor you get one-year free membership from ESN, and ESN organises multiple Buddy activities. Furthermore, your group can receive a budget of ESN for a special Buddy Family activity. Most importantly, you will have an unforgettable semester together with your Buddy Family!

What we want from you as a Buddy Mentors is your enthusiasm and an open mindset. As a Buddy you will try to be active with your group for the whole semester.  You need to take initiative by organizing all kind of activities. Such can be icebreakers like a little game of time’s up, guess who, various name games, a simple drink or a little trip to the nearest supermarket. Show what is here in Wageningen or what is Dutch. As time progresses you will get to know your students better and initiative will even come from the students themselves. Keep the spirit going with a potluck dinner, a city trip or a visit to a Dutch Buddy's hometown.

ESN is there to support your group. Of course, you are welcome at all of our activities, such as international kitchens and parties. Occasionally special activities are organized for Buddy Families. This includes a welcome activity in which you get to know your Buddy Family.

Becoming a Buddy Mentor is very easy. You can either register alone, as a pair or as a trio. Single registration implies you will be matched to another student that has registered for the Buddy Program. We will make sure that you get a group of 10-15 international students to form a Buddy Family with!

The Buddy Mentors program takes place every period, provided there are enough students.