There is nothing better for bonding and keeping healthy than doing sports together! One of the goals of ESN is to help their members working on their health and wellbeing. Sounds interesting? Join our Sports Committee. This committee is responsible for organizing a sports activity once or twice per academic period. Also, the sports committee helps ESN-ers to set up sports teams for Thymos’s internal competitions. 

In this committee you make use of the wide range of sports that Wageningen (and around) has to offer to come up with fun activities. Examples of previously organized activities are Bouldering, Knotsbal, Ice Skating, Survival Run and Canoeing. You will also be helping out during these events. So besides your fellow committee members, there are possibilities to get to know plenty of new people as well!

You like what you see but would like to have a bit more information before applying? You can fill in this form so we’ll reach out to you or you can come to the committee market that will happen at the start of the academic year. More information about it will come.

Or did we already convince you to become our newest team member? Fill in this form to apply for the committee!