ESN Wageningen is the largest student organization in Wageningen. That is why there is always a lot of promotion going on. Since this is such a broad concept, the promotion committee is helping out the PR coordinator. The promotion committee is managing Instagram, thinking of promotion stunts, making blogs or creating videos. The committee members will learn how to work with social media for a large organization, but also being creative and putting all those ideas into action.   

This committee is meeting once per two weeks. During those meetings, you will brainstorm together with your committee for ideas. After dividing the tasks, you can start creating content for social media!

You like what you see but would like to have a bit more information before applying? You can fill in this form so we’ll reach out to you or you can come to the committee market that will happen at the start of the academic year. More information about it will come. Or did we already convince you to become our newest team member? Fill in this form to apply for the committee!