TWISPER is social network for positive recommendations. Focused on positive values, it is community-driven and it doesn't sell user data.


What can you find on TWISPER?

  • A loyal community of students, foodies, travelers and everyone else who wants to share their personal recommendations on great places to try out.

  • Mouth-watering food photos of amazing restaurant experiences.

  • Great hidden gems to find anywhere based on local recommendations

Why join TWISPER?

  • With a fast-growing community of more than 500,000 users, TWISPER is a revolution in positivity. People are tired of negativity and fake users with toxic behavior on other social media platforms.
  • On TWISPER, we celebrate an only-positive policy and mindset. People only follow users they know or trust, and can only interact through positive recommendations by adding the places they loved as “Favorites”, sharing them with their friends and followers.
  • At the same time, TWISPER is filled with so many different kinds of people, and we take pride in this diversity. There are so many different types of students with different interests that keep the app lively. Whether this is looking for artsy hipster cafes and bars or trendy cocktail spots, TWISPER caters to every type of student.