Ryanair - Low Fares Made Simple

The Erasmus Generation is perennially curious, open-minded and always full of wanderlust. They travel frequently, using every opportunity to meet new cultures and friends. Lowcost airlines help them discover Europe and support their permanently mobile lifestyle.

To provide Erasmus students with attractive discounts, Ryanair, the largest European airline, and Erasmus Student Network have launched an exclusive partnership.

The offer will include 15% discount and free checked-in luggage on 8 single flights (or 4 return flights) when booking from the dedicated portal (first link below).
So, do not book from the normal Ryanair website!

What are other benefits offered?

  • Weekly travel offers for Erasmus students
  • Tailored Ryanair in-journey offers on the mobile app.

Check out some of the details below and don't forget to visit the ESNcard website for more specific information about the deal!

  • The flights need to be booked, at least, 28 days in advance, starting from the 17th of August, meaning that the discount will be applicable for flights starting around mid-September.
  • The discount is only applicable from September to the 15th of June, meaning it is not applicable to summer season.
  • This discount does not work with vouchers or promotional codes, but with an integration with the Ryanair database in ESNcard.org (no data is transferred at al to Ryanair) and by adding your ESNcard number directly at one of the stages of the booking process.
  • When booking, your ESNcard will need to be validated, so make sure you have ALL the fields in your profile filled in and a valid ESNcard linked. If this does not happen and your card is not validated, you could be requested to pay the difference (the saved 15% discount) at the gate.