R. van de Weerd’s Fish stand is a great place to taste some delicious fish. With your ESN card you can get 10% discount on kibbeling and harring. So don’t forget to try these typical Dutch specialties!   

The fish stand has different opening hours at different places; you can find them here:
Plantsoen 23 (close to Thuis)
- Tuesday 09:00h-18:00h
- Thursday 09:00h-18:00h
- Every 14 days on Friday 09:00h-18:00h

Tarthorst (shopping centre)
- Every 14 days on Friday 09:00h-18:00h

Market (in the centre at the church)
- Wednesday 08:00h-13:00h
- Saturday 08:00h-17:00h

Contact information:
Tel. 0317 412 336