Get your free Knaek card at the office! Limited supply, so be quick! Knaek is the card for student discounts at many shops in Wageningen and throughout the Netherlands. Check out their website for all the information and discounts. 


Picture this: step into the train with your €1,50 cup of coffee. Always get a second burger for free (even ordering free a main course in the restaurant. What about placing orders at Nike, Amac, and many other cool webshops with extra discount. It’s all possible, but only when you use Knaek. Knaek saves you some good money and that’s exactly what you want as a student. WHAT IS KNAEK? Knaek is THE student discount app. In The Nethe rlands and Belgium you receive the highest and most exclusive student discounts with Knaek. Download the Knaek app and get with your Knaek - ID access to more than 1.000 student discounts