Welcome to Wageningen!

Wageningen, also called ‘the city of life sciences’, is a perfect city to enjoy your study and student life! It is a very big student city with students from Wageningen University & Research. 

Wageningen received city rights in the year 1263. Old houses, typical properties, and small friendly streets define the scene. Also, Wageningen is known for its important role during the Second World War. In May 1945, the German capitulation was signed in hotel “De Wereld”.

You can enjoy the two botanical gardens in Wageningen, the terraces at the market square or have a summer barbecue on the beach of the Rhine river. During the whole academic year, it is great to join activities/excursions or the parties of ESN Wageningen! You will never get bored!

Moving to Wageningen in three steps

Step 1: Find a house

Finding  housing in Wageningen can be difficult. Especially in the first semester, when a lot of first year students arrive.

To help you out, we have gathered some of our best tips: 


Join the ESN Roomswap platform

Are you coming to Wageningen or leaving Wageningen for an exchange? Especially for you, we have set up a “room swap platform” to help you on your way. On this platform, you can find and reach out to incoming/outgoing exchange students to swap rooms with during your exchange. This way, you do not only help yourself but also an exchange student! 

Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will find a partner to swap with, but hopefully this platform will help you! 

ESN Roomswap 2023-2024

Look for a house now!

TIP 2: Subscribe to via Idealis. This is the biggest student housing corporation in Wageningen. Be quick, because the sooner you apply, the bigger your chances of getting a room!  If you are a non-EU student, there is a period where you get priority on housing. 

TIP 3: Take a look at this website from Wageningen University. Here you can find all the information you need about student housing in Wageningen.
TIP4: Check the Facebook pages Wageningen Student Plaza and Wageningen Student Housing. These Facebook pages function as an online market place for (sub)renting rooms. Beware of scammers on these pages! 

Step 2: Find Wageningen

How to get to Wageningen by public transport

Check 9292 for up-to-date, door to door travel information. You can simply fill in your current location and your desired location. Keep in mind that the train station “Ede- Wageningen” is still a 20-25 bus ride away from Wageningen. This website also updates you on railway interruptions/delays! 

How to pay for public transport

You can use an  ‘OV-chipcard’ for the whole Dutch public transport. With this card, you can enter and pay for any bus/train company. You can buy a number of different OV-chipcards. Using an OV-chipcard is cheaper than buying single tickets at the bus/train station. 

Single tickets for the bus can be bought in the bus. You can purchase a ticket from the NS (the main railway company) ticket machine or the NS service counter. You can also buy a ticket online. Find more info on the website of NS, or ask us! 

Step 3: Surviving the Netherlands

Dutch culture: quick tips

Do's and Don'ts

Drugs in the Netherlands

Although the Netherlands is known for its tolerant marihuana policy, most drugs in the Netherlands are still illegal. The police, however, allow you to have a small amount (5 grams) of marihuana for usage at home or at a coffee shop. The usage of drugs is forbidden in public places and student associations. Never mix drugs with alcohol.


It’s no problem if you smoke on the streets, but when you enter any kind of building you should not smoke. In most student residences it is not allowed to smoke in the common areas. It is also prohibited to smoke cigarettes inside of restaurants, bars and clubs. You will have to go outside or into a special smoking area inside. The whole campus of Wageningen University is smoke free too. If you wish to smoke at university, you have to leave the premises.  


It is required (by law) to have your passport or European ID card with you all the time. If the police ask you to show your identification, you have to be able to show it. The fines for not carrying a valid ID card are high.