Meet the members of the Sports Committee!

From up left to right: Joar, Madelief, Suzan, Nicole and Oli. 

Name: Joar Alfh

Nationality: Swedish

I join the sports committee to help others have a good time as well and I really love sports. It is probably my biggest passion in life, both to play and watch, especially football. From period 3 forward I will play both futsal and knotsbal in Thymos internal competitions. If you want to join the knotsbal team you can just send us an email at


Name: Madelief van Rooyen

Nationality: Dutch

After my own Erasmus I wanted to be involved at ESN Wageningen as well. I really love to play sports and therefore I joined the Sport Committee


Name: Nicole Boelee

Nationality: Dutch

Since I am really interested in other cultures, ESN is the perfect habitat for me to thrive. Sometimes we forget there is a big world out there to explore. Being part of this committee gives me the opportunity to meet new people, explore different cultures and also to do sports. I am, therefore, very happy that I became part of the ESN Sports committee.

Name: Oli Svilecik

Nationality: ¼ Croatian/Macedonian/Korean