Meet the members of the Promotion Committee!

Kristel and Jose

Read more about them below!

Name: Kristel Danneberg

Nationality: Estonian 

I joined the PR committee because I wanted to challenge myself in life. I have never really been part of any organisations and I thought I will try something new while I am in Wageningen. Joining the PR Committee helps me to develop my skills in photoshop and creativity that I can use later in my life. I really enjoy doing posters and banners for PR committee and I am happy that I took this challenge in my life.


Name: Jose Yang Ma

Nationality: Spanish

I joined the PR (Promotion) Committee because I love designing, planning, creating, photography and having the space to be creative coming up with ideas. In my home university in Valencia there are no associations, so I was very excited and eager to be part of one. I really enjoy doing marketing, brainstorming ideas, promoting, creating a banner or a poster for an event. It´s so challenging and fulfilling for me to have to prepare a design, to have the freedom to express your ideas and creativity. I was very excited when they proposed me to take-over the official ESN (from the Netherlands) Instagram account, I really enjoyed it!

Being part of the Committee has helped me improve my skills, I had no knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, and now I have no problems handling it.

I´m very happy to become part of the IXESN family.

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