Meet the members of the Activity Committee!

From up left to right: Yu, Katrin and Laura. 

Read more about them below!


Name: Katrin Schwerdtfeger

Nationality: German

I joined the Activity Committee because I really enjoy taking part in the different activities of ESN and also in organising them. It is also always a good possibility and a lot of fun to get in contact with other people, especially other nationalities. In this way, the Activity committee is a great opportunity to get to know other cultures while being able to be creative and simply having a good time.

Name:  Laura Gagliardi

Nationality: Italian

I joined the Activity Committee because I really like to organise events and meet new people. Also, I like the international environment of the university and being part of the committee gives me the opportunity to meet and explore new cultures by being in contact with people. Also being part of the Activity Committee gives me the chance to suggest lots of different activities and events and to share my ideas with the other committee members.

Name: Yu Wentao

Nationality: Chinese

This committee allows me to learn and hone my skills in terms of event planning, communication, public speaking, et cetera in a supportive environment. It makes me step out of my comfort zone to get in touch with new perspectives in all aspects.


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