During our interest lunches we will explain more about ESN Wageningen and all that we do as a board. So if you areinterested in knowing what a board year really entails at ESN Wageningen, join one of the interest lunches!
Due to COVID-19 we are not sure whether the interest lunch will be online or in the Global Lounge. If you want to join, send an email to info@esn-wageningen.nl, then we will update you about it. 
In case the interest lunches do not suit you and you can not join any of them please feel free to contact us as well at: info@esn-wageningen.nl. We will try to find another moment for you to be informed!
The lunch will last from 12:00 till 13:30. The dates of the interest lunches are:
- Wednesday January 19, 2022
- Thursday February 17, 2022
- Friday February 25, 2022
- Tuesday March 1, 2022