The process of becoming ESN board

The next board is chosen by the current ESN board. To be considered you need to send in a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter containing your top 3 positions before the application deadline. After, you will be invited for an interview. The ESN Wageningen is an international student association. However, not only international students can apply for this board year, but also Dutch students can apply. 

When all the board positions are filled, the transition period can start. During period 6 you will learn everything you need to know before you can start your ESN board year. Most of the information you will get from your position-specific predecessor, but you will also go on a transition weekend. The transition weekend is the final part of the transition process from the old board to the new board. During this 3-day weekend, the old and new board spend some time together outside of Wageningen. Besides handing over as much information as possible, this weekend consists of plenty of board bonding activities to make sure you’ll make a strong team from the beginning!

After this process, you are ready to start your board year! This board year officially starts on the first day of the summer holidays.