ESN Wageningen

As of 04/11/2022

ESN Wageningen - Trustperson Policy

As ESN Wageningen we understand that unfortunately being a student can come with struggles. We care a lot about the mental health and well-being of the members and students. 

If you ever feel the need to talk about personal or confidential matters, you can always reach out to one of our trust persons. This can be about things that happen in your personal life, but it can also be used when something happened during our events that made you uncomfortable. Our trust persons are there to listen to you and can undertake next steps if you would like that. What is said to our trust persons is totally confidential and you always remain in control.



Our Trustpersons:

Our first trust person is Soshanna. She is in our current board and you can reach her through the email:[email protected]

If you feel not comfortable talking to someone who is in our current board, you can contact Sofia through the email:[email protected]