In this committee, you will have the opportunity to organize a wide variety of excursions. From excursions in the Netherlands to excursions in Belgium, it is all up to you and your creativity!

The excursion committee is responsible for 1 excursion per period (2 months). When organizing an excursion you will learn that it is a lot of work and requires detailes organization. This is one of the main things you will get to learn. However, the committee will also give you the opportunity to organize a popular and big event with your input and creativity. Furthermore, the committee gives you the network in ESN to be more involved and create professional skills.

You like what you see but would like to have a bit more information before applying? You can fill in this form so we’ll reach out to you or you can come to the committee market that will happen at the start of the academic year. More information about it will come.