On the 14th of January ESN will organise with Sky (campus happiness) a wellness workshop. Are you interested in knowing how to reduce your stress, learn certain breathing techniques and receive insights about high performance and emotional intelligence? Then this event is perfect for you! A teacher will tell you the basics of the power of breathing, so relax and learn while practicing. The topics that will be discussed are:
1. Introduction to Secrets of breath
2. Learn breathing techniques you can apply immediately
3. Reduce feelings of anxiety and stress
4. Insights about High Performance & Emotional Intelligence
5. Key Takeaways with easy to apply practices
The workshop will be online and starts at 20:00. The link will be shared through e-mail and whatsapp-group. The event is free. If you want to receive the link via email, sign up via: https://forms.gle/LQi5dmADFNsZX7fh9
14/01/2022 - 20:00