It is time for a nice city game again! Do you love running for the curfew or always wanted to be a police agent? This is your lucky day! A dangerous gangster is escaped from the prison in Arnhem and fled to our beautiful town Wageningen for a diamond robbery.. Can your team arrest him before he steals the diamonds or is he too smart for you? Team gangster vs. team police.. who will win this battle?

This exciting activity will take place on Sunday the 11th of april, in the city centre. You can sign up alone or in a team of two. If you sign up alone, you will be coupled with someone else. Important is for this activity that you have a smartphone with data (3G/4G/5G) as we need GPS-tracking for this game. The activity will costs only €4,- for ESN members and €5,- for non members.

Signing up is possible till the 6th of April till midnight.

Sign up here:

11/04/2021 - 12:00
€4 (€5 without ESNcard)
  • Everyone is invited.