Walk with the elderly

Rumah Kita Plein 15 augustus 1, Wageningen

On Wednesday 28th of September, the Social Erasmus Committee organize the Walk With Elderly again! We will visit the elderly home Rumah Kita and take the elderly for a walk to the market at 09:45. NOTE: Only sign up when you are sure that you are able to go, the elderly really count on you […]

Club evening

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

Another club night is here! If you joined a club, this is the time you can meet each other and brainstorm about what activities to do during the club evenings. Come together and start a project together. The planning is fully up to you, so get in contact with each other via the group created […]

Buddy Family Activity: glowgolf and pool

It’s almost time for the second Buddy Family Activity! On Friday the 30th of September we are going to do Glow in the dark midget golf and play pool! It’s €7,00 for buddy mentors and €9,00 for buddy kids. We will meet at 19:45 in the Maxx, Koningsschot 55, 3905 PR Veenendaal. You can go […]


ISN: Karaoke

Loburg Molenstraat 6, Wageningen

Monday the 3rd of October, we will have another karaoke!!! 🤩🤩🤩 We will start at 21:00 with singing our hearts out and enjoying drinks together. We hope to see and hear you there! 😉

Tosti Tuesday

Come to the Global Lounge to enjoy a tosti for only one stamp😋

Workshop: build your own CV

Together with Recruit a Student, we will give a workshop. Thursday the 6th of October we will meet at Campus to work on our CV and make it even better than it is now. We will help you to make your CV ready to send 📑! Sign up with this link: https://forms.gle/ZwLL51fRFWyTgdeBA

Tosti Tuesday

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

Come to the Global Lounge to enjoy a tosti for only one stamp😋

Indian Kitchen

SSR-W Generaal Foulkesweg 30, 6703 BS, Wageningen

Let's travel all across the World and taste some Indian food 🇮🇳 On Tuesday the 11th of October, we will prepare a typical 3 courses meal together with Indian members for you! 😋 Members can join for only €5 non-members for €6 :) It will be at the SSR-W building: Generaal Foulkesweg 30, 6703 BS Walk-in starts […]

International cantus in Tilburg

n the 12th of October, 2022 ESN organizes one of the most amazing cantus in Tilburg. With more than 2000 people and our skilled cantus band, we’ll make sure the best cantus songs will be heard throughout Tilburg! We will go by bus from Wageningen at 17:00 and will go back with the bus as […]

BBB: Beer Bowling Bitterballs

Dear Buddy mentors/kids, After the Glowgolf and pool, which was a lot of fun, the next buddy activity is coming up! On the 13th of October we are going bowling, but not just normal bowling: Beer Bowling Bitterballen (BBB)! Drink some beers and eat typical Dutch “Bitterballen” while bowling, together with your buddy family! You […]

FAD: autumn edition

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

Want to end your week with a drink and nice company? Come to the GL at Friday the 14th of October to enjoy a drink after your week of uni! 🥂🍸 We will have an Autumn themed Friday Afternoon Drinks with nice drinks and a little activity 🍁🍂. We have beers for only €0.80 (2 stamps), and […]

Great ESN Bake-off

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

Show us your baking skills during the great ESN bake-off!! 🎂🍰 On Sunday the 16th of October, we will come together and taste each others creations 😋 Bake something at home and bring it to the Global Lounge for eveyrone to taste :) The best cakes will do a shoot of in the kitchen of the Global […]