Pick-up: gingerbread

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

This month you can pick up a gingerbread house baking set  The set includes both the stuff to bake the house, as well as decoration! What you get in 1 set: […]


ESN triangle: excursion to Groningen

The 10th of December, we will have a trip to the north of the Netherlands: Groningen  Together with ESN Zwolle and ESN Groningen, we will have a triangle. Be ready […]


ISN: live music night

Loburg Molenstraat 6, Wageningen

Week 7 has arrived, so a lot of studying is ahead of us. That is why the ISN of this week will be a chill game night, where we will […]

Study lunch: tacos

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

Tuesday the 13th of December, we will change our tosties to tacos! Instead of Tosti Tuesday, we will do Taco Tuesday 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 Sooo, come in your study break to the […]

FAD: christmas edition

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

Come and end your study week with some cosy drinks! On Friday the 16th of December, we will have a Christmas themed Friday Afternoon Drinks 🎅 After a long week of […]

Winter Wonderland party

De Bunker Dijkgraaf 6, Wageningen

Let's celebrate the end of period two with an amazing party! On December the 22nd, we will have a Winter Wonderland party at the Bunker to end period two with […]

ISN: new years drink

Loburg Molenstraat 6, Wageningen

HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎆 We hope you had an amazing Christmas break and that you are ready to tackle 2023! After not seeing each other for a long time, we […]

Tosti Tuesday

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

Come to the Global Lounge to enjoy a tosti for only one stamp😋

New years plunge

Rijn Aan de Rijn 12, Wageningen

Let's dive in 2023 together! 🌊🥽 On Tuesday the 10th of January, we will plunge into the Rhine together. It is a typical Dutch tradition to start the year with a […]

Jeu de boule

Let's play some jeu de boule in Ede! On Thursday the 12th of January, we will gather at Boules Bites Bar in Ede to play some jeu de boules. We will […]

Workshop: build your own CV

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen

New year, new you? Is 2023 going to be your year? We want to help you start 2023 with improving your CV! 😉 Together with Recruit a Student, we will give […]

ISN: Gamenight

Loburg Molenstraat 6, Wageningen

The activity committee organises a fun gamenight for you this Monday! Come by to play some games and have some drinks.