Buddy Family Sinterklaas

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen, Netherlands

On Sunday 04-12-2022 , we will celebrate Sinterklaas with Buddy Families!  🎁 Sinterklaas is a typical Dutch holiday, in which presents are given to each other. During the afternoon, you will play a fun game with dices where you can win presents, watch a movie, drink hot chocolate milk and eat a lot of pepernoten! (and […]


Every year, more than 1200 international students travel from The Netherlands to a unique destination, for a weekend filled with tours, activities and parties!  @yestrips shows you the best of the best, keeping everything within a student budget! Between 17th of November - 20th of November, we are going to Prague! Get Ready!  Unfortunately, the tickets sold […]

ISN: Bingo night

Loburg Molenstraat 6, Wageningen

Are you excited to have a fun Bingo night? On Monday the 21st of November, we will be in Loburg to have a bingo ISN, organized by our Activity Committee! Come and play along and win amazing prizes. For only €1.50 you can participate for this night. The evening will start at 21:00 and you […]


Tosti Tuesday

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen, Netherlands

Come to the Global Lounge to enjoy a tosti for only one stamp😋

Walk with the eldery 23-11

Rumah Kita Plein 15 augustus 1, Wageningen, Netherlands

On wednesday 23-11-2022 the Social Erasmus Committee organises the Walk With Elderly. We will gather around 9:45 in front of the elderly home Rumah Kita (Plein 15 Augustus 1, Wageningen) and from there we will take the elderly to the market, we expect to be back around 12:00. Important: IF YOU SIGN UP, YOU ARE […]

Buddy Pick-up: GinTo tasting

From now on you can get monthly pickups to do something with your buddy family at home! This month you can pick up a gin tonic tasting set and taste different gintonics! For only €6,- per person you will get to taste 3 different gins with 3 different tonics and matching toppings (lemon, lime, raspberry)! […]


Valkenburg & Maastricht Excursion

On November 26th, our Excursion Committee is hosting an excursion to Valkenburg and Maastricht. It will be an all-day event, and we provide transportation, tickets for a Christmas market, and a fun scavenger hunt to see the cities. We will be leaving from the WUR campus around 10 am. The trip will cost 32.50 Euros […]


Soup activity with refugees

Thuis Stationsstraat 32, Wageningen, Netherlands

On Monday the 28th of November, the Social Erasmus Committee is organising a SOUP activity with the collaboration with Thuis. We will make different types of food with the refugees in Wageningen 😊 It will be a nice way to cook with them, get to know them and eat some delicious soups! We will start […]

ISN: Karaoke

Loburg Molenstraat 6, Wageningen

Monday the 28th of November, we will have another karaoke at Loburg!!! 🤩🤩🤩 We will start at 21:00 with putting on some music and start singing our hearts out and enjoying drinks together when it gets busier. We hope to see and hear you there! 😉

Tosti Tuesday

Global Lounge Plantage 2, Wageningen, Netherlands

Come to the Global Lounge to enjoy a tosti for only one stamp😋

Spanish Kitchen

SSR-W Generaal Foulkesweg 30, 6703 BS, Wageningen, Netherlands

When the weather is getting colder, we need to get warmer while tasting some Spanish food! 🇪🇸 On Tuesday the 29th of November, our Spanish members will prepare a typical 3 courses meal for you! 😋 Members can join for only €5.- non-members for €6.- 🥘🥗 📍 It will be at the SSR-W building: Generaal Foulkesweg 30, 6703 […]


Neon Party

Are you ready for the next partyyy?? 🔥 The Activity Committee is organizing a NEON party for you, 1st of December at the International Club (Marijkeweg 31). Come in your neon pink, organge, green or yellow clothes! Or come in white to shine in the neon lights! The party will start at 23:00 and will […]