ESN and the KSV international committee are organizing this Beer Cantus together! What is a Beer Cantus you might ask? Here's a short explanation: A Beer Cantus is a typical Dutch student tradition and is basically a large scale drinking game. You will be gathered around large tables and beer will be brought to you while you are chanting a variety of very cheesy and classic songs (in English!). But be careful, because there are a few strict drinking rules that need to be followed. Rules that make the Cantus a lot more interesting and fun! If you do not obey these rules punishment may follow! ;)

The theme of the afterparty is Las Vegas, so the dresscode will be fancy! Please keep in mind that you might get wet during this event.

Date: 23/01/2020
Time: 20:30
Location: KSV Fransiscus
Price: €11 for members (for ESN & KSV), €13,50 for non-members

Subscription link for KSV members:

Subscription link for ESN members & non-members:
(Don't forget to bring your valid ESNcard!)

Limited amount of spots available, so please make sure to subscribe on time!

Please remember it is only possible to pay by card at the bar! Entrance fee can be paid in cash or by card.

NOTE: If you sign up, you are expected to show up. If you are in the end unable to come, you will have to find a replacement yourself!
We aim to make our events accessible for everybody. If you have any special needs, please contact us.

23/01/2020 - 20:30
Price: €11 for members (for ESN & KSV), €13,50 for non-members