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SWU THYMOS x ESN Ice Skating

On Friday the January 19th 2024, SWU Thymos organizes us organizing an ice skating event together with ESN Wageningen! During this Ice Skating experience, we will travel to Triavium Nijmegen by bus to twirl around on the ice! This day we will gather at Sports Centre de Bongerd at 18:45 before we leave to Nijmegen. Here we will go ice skating from 20:00 until 22:00. We expect to return at Sports Centre de Bongerd around 23:30. If you do not own ice skates, there is the possibility to rent skates on location. The costs of renting ice skates are €6,95 and will be on your own expense. Make sure to bring some warm clothes as it might be cold on the ice rink.

Costs for joining the Ice Skating Experience are €8,50 for those with sports rights AND an ESN card, €12,50 for those with either sports rights or an ESN card, and €17,50 for those with neither sports rights and an ESN card. Registration will only be completed once you transfer the fee that applies to you to NL03 TRIO 0320 1599 30 with the description of ‘your full name + ice skating’. The deadline for registration and transferring the entrance fee is Thursday the January 16th 12:00. Cancelling after this deadline is not possible anymore.

To register, make sure to check out our socials or simply click here!
Hope to see you there!

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