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Open Club Evening

Get to know the ESN clubs! Come by and try out different clubs, after this evening you can decide to join one.
What are the ESN clubs?
There is the cooking club, arts & crafts clubs, music club and “Borrel” club. Together with others in the club you can do fun things together you all like. E.g. cook a delicious dinner and eat together, make paintings, do some jamming together or make fancy cocktails! These are all examples of activities you can do together with your club, but everything is open for your own creativity! Just do what you like, together with others!

On Wednesday 22-02, each club will do a activity and you can come by and join what activity you want. All activities start at 20:00 at the Global Lounge, so be there! For €2.50 you can enjoy the activities and get some drinks 🙂 The following activities will be hosted:

– Arts & Crafts club: origami
– Borrel club: beerpong
– Cooking club: bake appelflappen
– Music club: jam session

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