The ESNcard

A membership card that grants its holder all their heart desires

The ESNcard is the membership card of the Erasmus Student Network, which means that you can access all the services offered by ESN and our partners. The ESNcard shows that you are a member of the biggest community of internationally-minded students; the Erasmus Student Network!

Being a cardholder means having access to international, national and local advantages or discounts. For the local card deals of other sections, the national and the international discounts you can check For our local card deals, check out our partners! Also, you can join all of our events with a discount and have access to the ESN Wageningen app.

Please note that your card is only valid, when your card has a picture on it!
How do I get my ESNcard? 
1. Fill in the online registration form (button below).

2. Come to the Global Lounge during our office hours to pick up your ESNcard and pay your membership (€13.00)