ESN Wageningen

As of 25/11/2021

ESN Wageningen - General Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of ESN Wageningen, registered in the business register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel ) under 09221797. This privacy policy describes which personal data we process if you get in contact with us, and what we use your personal data for.

  1. Use of personal data
    1. If you get in contact with us through our website, email or personally, we collect personal data if you:
      1. Become a member of ESN Wageningen;
      2. Sign up for a newsletter;
      3. Contact us via email;
      4. Subscribe for activities;
      5. Subscribe for excursions;
      6. Subscribe for the Buddy System.
    2. We collect the following information:
      1. Name - Collect this via: membership, newsletters, subscription activities, subscription excursions, contact email, subscription buddy system
      2. Email address - Collect this via: membership, newsletters, subscription forms, contact email, subscription buddy system
      3. Date of birth - Collect this via: membership, subscription buddy system
      4. Nationality - Collect this via: membership, subscription buddy system
      5. Study - Collect this via: membership, subscription buddy system
      6. Phone number - Collect this via: membership, subscription excursion, subscription buddy system
      7. For how long in Wageningen - Collect this via: membership, subscription buddy system
      8. Interested in becoming a buddy mentor - Collect this via: membership
      9. Interested in joining our committees - Collect this via: membership
      10. Interested in organizing an international kitchen - Collect this via: membership
    3. We may use this data to:
      1. Process your membership for ESN Wageningen/Buddy System;
      2. Send out newsletters;
      3. To get and stay in contact with you.
  2. Cookie policy and use of browsing data
    1. This website makes use of cookies.
    2. If any information is being stored that is not technically necessary for the website to work and for your communication with us, you will be informed and asked for permission before the data is stored. It is possible that some parts of the website may not work well withou cookies etc.
  3. Information, changes, and objections
    1. You can contact us via for:
      1. More information on how we process your personal data;
      2. Questions about this privacy policy;
      3. Insight into the personal data that we collect about you;
      4. Requests for removal of your personal data, to the extent to which we are allowed to remove them by law, for correction of your personal data, and for transfer of your personal data to a third party, e.g. another organisation;
      5. Notification of (suspected) security breaches;
      6. Complaints against our use of your personal data.
  4. Safeguarding your data
    1. We will only use your data for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy.
    2. We will not store your data longer than necessary. We are obliged by Dutch law to store relevant member data for seven years after the end of your membership.
    3. We will take adequate technical and organisational measures to secure your data. However, it is never possible to guarantee 100% security.
  5. Third parties
    1. We use Google Drive to manage our member database, Eventix for excursion subscriptions and MailChimp to create and send our newsletters. We have signed processor agreements with both of those parties.
    2. We will not hand over your data to any other third parties, unless you have given your explicit consent or we are obliged to do so by law or a court order.
  6. Notification of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens)
    1. In case of breach of our data protection which leads to (potential) serious adverse effects on the security of your personal data, we will inform the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
  7. Notification of those concerned
    1. You will be informed of any breach of our data protection that is likely to have adverse effects for your personal privacy.
  8. Changes to this privacy policy
    1. Changes of this privacy policy are possible in the future. Please consult the document on our website for the most recent version regularly.