Welcome to ESN Wageningen

Do you want to become more involved within ESN? Are you interested in developing your personal and professional career? Learn to work in a team and help the board whilst evolving your organisational and disciplinary skills? Then join one of our committees! ESN Wageningen has two committees. The Activity Committee organises activities such as pubcrawls, movie nights and parties. The Excursions Committee organises excursions like trips to Keukenhof and Luxemburg (these range from one to multiple days).

Each committee has five to six members: the president, secretary, treasurer, public relations manager, and one-two general members. Committees meet once a week and are supported by an ESN board member. Experience is not required! During your time in a committee, you will have ample space and time to grow personally whilst developing your student life. What we are looking for is plenty of positive energy, motivation and good vibes. And your nature to turn creativity into action.

Important note: at the moment all functions in both committees are fulfilled. However, if you are interested in joining an ESN committee next academic year, please let us know by sending an email to  [email protected]New spots will become available from September 2024 onwards. 


The Activities committee organises the activities that help define who ESN is and what we stand for. From pubquizes and movienights, to parties and celebrations, to international kitchens, you have complete freedom over what we could do. You will be supervised by the Activity Coordinator from the board.
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The Excursions committee oversees the fruition of excursions like Amsterdam and Luxemburg! You will work together to decide where ESN goes next, how we get there, what activities we can do, what places we can visit, and our return journeys! You will be supervised by the Treasurer from the board.
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