ESN Clubs

ESN clubs are meant for members who would like to meet with people who share the same interests. They all meet up to hang out together and work on projects/ do activities together.  The clubs are welcome in the Global Lounge on Wednesday once every two weeks to host an activity there.

You can join the sports club, cooking club, the arts & crafts club, the music club or the borrel club.  With your club you can organize activities to do together. You are independent, so what activity you organize is totally up to you! We encourage you to think about nice activities to do together. 

If you are interested into joining a club, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this by sending a mail to [email protected] If you have any ideas for new clubs, please let us know as well. We are always open to expand our clubs!

Arts & Crafts Club

The Arts & crafts club is a club of ESN Wageningen where members can meet each other and can work on their own or shared project(s). It is a community of creative minds that want to further develop their art or craft style, learning new styles and meet people which similar or different styles.

Music Club

The Music club is one of the clubs of ESN Wageningen. It gathers people that share the same passion: music. The music club is for people who want to either make music, learn a new instrument, teach a new instrument, listen to music, sing together… the sky is your limit!

Borrel Club

At the Borrel club members can meet each other and catch up with a refreshing beverage and “borrel” snack. “Borrelen” is a typical unique Dutch word, loosely translated as having a casual drink together with some (fried) snacks. For those of you who like to party & chill, this club is perfect! 

Cooking Club

Learn and/or teach cooking tips and new recipes with other ESN members! You will get to cook with people from all over the world.
Together you can achieve great things : organising dinners, make a cooking book, workshops… and many more things!

Sports Club

The Sports club is a club of ESN Wageningen where members take part in sports together. All kind of sports activities are possible! You can try out new sports or join a sport together, it is all up to you. For those who want to stay fit and meet new people, this club is perfect to join!