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Wageningen is the world’s most international university town! ESN Wageningen introduces the Buddy Program for you to experience it!

This concept of students helping students aims at maximizing the joyful experience of staying in Wageningen. A small group of Wageningen students (2-3) introduces a group of new incoming students (8-10) to the active student life within Wageningen. Buddy families are formed and will stay in contact for at least 1 semester.

As such, the new students will not only get a warm welcome but also get the opportunity to form a little family to foster integration into the Wageningen student community. Also, the buddy mentors can help the new students out with practical issues, such as registration with the general practitioner, how to get an OV-card or just how to cope with the Dutch mentality.

Buddy families are stimulated to join the buddy activities and regular ESN activities in order to get in touch with other buddy families and international students. This will allow students to meet many people, cultures and traditions, both foreign and Dutch. Apart from this, buddy families are stimulated to organize activities by themselves. Activities that you can do together include having lunch at the Global Lounge, go ice skating, organize potluck dinners, go to parties and many more! Usually, this goes very naturally since you form a close group of friends very quickly.

The Buddy Program takes a new start every academic period. Registrations to become a buddy mentor or to be part of a buddy family as an arriving student is possible all year round. You can also become a buddy mentor during or after the Summer AID or Winter AID. Then you can enjoy a week full of festive activities and continue with your AID group throughout the semester as a buddy family.

When you are a buddy mentor during the Summer or Winter AID, you can keep your buddy family if you would like to continue with them during the corresponding semester.

The benefits of being a buddy mentor:

  • You will get a free membership of ESN
  • You can join buddy activities for free/small fee
  • A thank you activity for all the buddy mentors will be organized
  • You will have an amazing experience
  • You will meet new people from different cultures, nationalities, languages etc.
  • You will make many new friends!

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