Q: Is it possible to be a Buddy while I have re-exams in the summer or winter AID week?

A: Yes. Your fellow Buddies can take over from you for that day. Make sure to check if this is possible before subscribing.

Q: Is being a Buddy Mentor hard?

A: No. Being a Buddy is not hard, it means being friendly and interested to meet new people and willing to help them find their way in Wageningen.

Q: Does being a Buddy Mentor take a lot of time?

A: No. The first weeks are usually the most busy since this is the time you get to know your group, or you join the AID. In the beginning, groups usually meet 1-2 times a week. This can include having lunch at university  or going to an ESN kitchen. During the first week, ESN also organizes an activity especially for Buddy Families, to make sure that you get to know each other. As time passes groups usually meet once a week to once every two weeks. The Buddy Program is very flexible and it is up to you and your group to decide how often you meet. As a Buddy Mentor you do not have to attend every activity. We make sure that each group has 2-3 Buddies. This means that you can also meet the students separately.

Q: Can I combine it with my student association, sports, studying etc?

A: Yes. Our Buddies are often also part of student associations such as Franciscus, Ceres, SSR and more, as well as being active in their study and sport associations.

Q: Can I be a Buddy Mentor if I am a bachelor student?

A: Yes. A Buddy Family will consist of both Erasmus and master students. Erasmus students can be in their bachelor or master. As a bachelor student you can lead a group of new students even if they are older than you and past Buddies have also been bachelor students without having problems.

Q: Can I be a Buddy Mentor when I am an international student?

A: Yes. Buddy’s can be both Dutch or international students. If you know Wageningen already and want to welcome new students to Wageningen you can become a Buddy Mentor.

Q: Do I need to always take the lead in my group?

A: The Buddy Mentors have to take initiative in the first weeks of the Buddy Program. When you know each other better, students will take initiative as well to organize activities. However, this may depend on your group. Some groups will need more encouragement and a more proactive Buddy Mentor.  Over time the Buddy Family often becomes a friend group with both the mentors and the students organizing dinners or activities.