We are looking for the new board of 2022-2023!!!

A board year at ESN Wageningen

What does a board year at ESN entail? Definitely a lot more than you can imagine! ESN Wageningen aims to create a home for international students and an adventure for Dutch students. With 7 board members, over 100 events per year, committee members, buddy mentors and a close connection to other national and international ESN sections in Europe, your board year will be exciting, challenging and interesting every day.

For both Dutch and international students, having a part-time board position in ESN Wageningen is a great way to develop yourself professionally by working in an innovative, young, interdisciplinary and highly international environment. You will have unforgettable experiences and friends for life, as well as a global network of students that are grateful for your efforts throughout the year. No matter where you are from and what your previous work experience is, we encourage everyone that is interested to apply.

I am interested, but what do I do now?

You can browse the website for more information and frequently asked questions. You can also send an email to info@esn-wageningen.nl, or join one of our interest lunches.

During your board year

An ESN Wageningen board position is considered to be part-time, so it is still possible to follow half of your BSc or MSc courses. Also, writing your thesis is good to combine with your board year because you are flexible during the day when to work on ESN and when to work on your thesis. Since this board year is on a voluntary basis, you will not get paid. However, there is a financial compensation regulation (FOS) to compensate for your tuition fees. 

During a regular day, you will have to work on your function-specific task as well as teaming up with the other board members and ‘being the board’ in general. Practical things like being present during office hours, helping students with all questions they may have, helping out at events and the introduction weeks, and representing ESN to different stakeholders is expected of all board members.

Office Hours

During office hours, you answer questions students might have and you sell tickets for ESN events. During office hours in the less busy months, you will also have time to do your own work. In general, office hours are a nice way to stay in touch with the students and keep up-to-date with the work of your fellow board members as well. Even when you are not scheduled to do office hours, you’ll often be present at the office, for example for your ESN related work or for meetings (with board/committees/external parties). The office is also often used to just hang out with your fellow board members who will become friends for life in no time. It’s never boring in the ESN office!


Most of your board year you will be spending with organizing over 100 events mainly for international students. This can be anything, such as parties, study lunches, weekly drinks and excursions. The fun thing about being in the ESN board is that you not only organize it, but you can also participate in all the events.