ESN Wageningen Board 2022-2023

The President

is the support for the board members, coordinator of the board and is responsible for external contacts with external parties.
[email protected]

Sanne de Meij


The Vice-President/Secretary

is in charge of the internal and external contact flows.
[email protected]

Aniek van der Steen

& Secretary

The Treasurer

manages and oversees the financial affairs of ESN Wageningen
[email protected]

Koen Holwerda


The Activity Coordinator

is in charge of organizing most of the events of ESN Wageningen.
[email protected]

Pien Velthuijs

Activity Coordinator

The PR Coordinator

is in charge of the promotion of ESN Wageningen and all their events.
[email protected]

Mayly van Leeuwen

PR Coordinator

The Integration Coordinator

is mostly in charge of the Buddy program and the SocialErasmus committee.
[email protected]

Soshanna Blaauw

Integration Coordinator

The Partnership Manager

is in charge of the relationships with partners of ESN Wageningen
[email protected]

Tiago Jurriëns Piccoli

Partnership Manager

Hey everyone!

We are the board of ESN Wageningen 2022-2023. Every day, we work very hard to help everyone feel at home here in Wageningen. We all study here and (try to) combine it with our work as the board. ESN is an organization for and by students only, run by us and our lovely committee members

Do you have any questions? Or are you maybe interested in joining the ESN board one day? Feel free to contact us!