Dusseldorf Christmas market

The snowy Christmas markets of Düsseldorf: a warm IxESN Christmas
By Jolien, Aliz, and Elisa
Photos by Marco Scarinzi

As Christmas approaches, so do the christmas markets all around the Netherlands and Germany. Every city dresses up with lights, decorations, fairs and carousels, and how could you appreciate the Christmas atmosphere more than going to the Düsseldorf Christmas Market with IxESN?

It was snowing on the day we went to the Christmas market in Düsseldorf . Therefore, the Christmas vibe was already there when we didn’t even left Wageningen yet. The travel with the bus went well, with no traffic jams and everyone was on time. During the bus ride we continued with the Christmas atmosphere with some Christmas music and a Dutch snack called pepernoten.

Once we arrived in Düsseldorf we started a. Of course the gluhwein and currywurst couldn't be missed. As I remember, it was very very cold — even the gluhwein couldn't get us warm enough! But despite this I really enjoyed the whole day. We went for a tour through the different Christmas markets throughout the city centre, which I really liked because we took a big walk in very nice places.

Aliz: “I also enjoy the time spent with the whole group. And the board was very kind, I always had fun with them!”

After that some of us from the group decided to explore the city a bit more. Everyone had some spare time to walk around with his/her friends: some went ice skating, others did some shopping, and some of us went around the city drinking hot chocolate and eating in the Christmas fair.

Jolien: “We decided to look for a spot to drink some coffee. However, this was a big challenge because apparently the whole Düsseldorf had the same idea. In the end we did manage to find a nice place to get warm.”

After some coffee and strolling around the many Christmas markets, it was time for some serious shopping. Because shopping makes you hungry, we decided to have a nice dinner to fill our empty stomachs. Now it was time to go back home, but not before showing each other all the different gluhwein cups we collected at the Christmas markets! I really enjoyed my time there, it was a great experience that I will remember as part of my Erasmus period. With cold faces, full stomachs and some nice Christmas cups we drove home for Christmas and guess what? It started snowing again.

By Andrea Fulgenzi