The ESN NL Prague Trip Experience – Told by students Nik, Carlos, Claire, Adrien & Rose

Czech it out!

How it all started

Nik: “Wooow there is a trip to Prague, organized by ESN NL and all the exchange students from the Netherlands will be there, besides I haven't been in Prague yet… Must go!”

Everything started on a normal day at 19:00h, the exact moment when the ESN ticket selling started. A horde of around thousand students from the Netherlands tried to get a ticket from the Eventix website at the same time. All to buy the opportunity to live an unforgettable adventure!

Carlos: “At that moment I was with my friend Phin (who actually decided to embark on this journey 5 minutes before) trying desperately to get onto the website. However, a sold-out or error message popped up every time we tried. After many failed attempts and a crazy emotional roller coaster, we got totally hopeless. When I was saying goodbye in my mind to the chance of living this experience, I heard Phin screaming: “I got it, I got it! We are in!”.

November came soon, and we were already on the night bus directed to Czech Republic, starting our big adventure! In the bus we were chatting with the people next to us, an American and an Italian, excited about what was yet to come. 

Friday in Prague

We finally arrived in Prague, the beloved city of Erasmus students, known for its cheap prices and incredible clubs. As we arrived, the first impression of the city was absolutely amazing! Even the hostel exceeded the expectations: it was cozy and modern, with good company, and even great (and cheap!!) beers.

Many of us were already waiting for one of the climaxes, the party at Karlovy Lazne: an entire other story — or 5, literally, as we were in the biggest club in Central Europe! It was exciting, walking up and down, dancing to different music styles, with all the other international students like us. There was music for everyone’s tastes, and — to my delight — there was even an ice bar!

Saturday: Beer Cantus

Saturday was a chill day, full of laughter and sharing the good moments we had already spent together.

The day continued with a crazy night at the biggest Beer Cantus: two hours of unlimited drinking and singing. It was an epic night which continued with a Pub Crawl.

The Food

Claire: “My friends and I explored the city through our stomachs, enjoying many different foods, including a bowl of goulash, trdelníks (churro-like street food), fried cheese and, of course, fantastic Czech beer!”

Adrien: “Prague’s inns are nice and cozy. They are indeed more inns than restaurants, made out of stones and wood supporting a low arched ceiling. The room is dim, yet the atmosphere is pretty light and snuggly.
The wooden tables and peculiar traditional decoration immediately set you in a comfy atmosphere, announcing a decent and affordable pint alongside a bowl of tasty goulash. And damn... we had proper Czech cuisine in an underground inn looking place. The restaurant made its own (delicious) craft beer and served us very subtle tasting goulash after our fancy starters. We enjoyed our meal under a massive cast-iron chandelier, surrounded by old tools hanging around it and obviously an immense stuffed bear, everything rhythmed by the clicking of the mechanical cooking spit… A delicious atmosphere!”


The Culture

We all did a lot of sightseeing, and those of us who did not participate in the pub crawl, beer cantus, and clubbing had a slightly different experience compared to the others of the group: some of us spent their time wandering around the city and getting lost, armed with their cameras. For example, Rose managed to catch the last minute of a fire eater's street performance and watched the sunrise from Charles Bridge.

City Tour

The weekend trip was marked by beautiful walks around the city, gatherings at the astronomical clock, visits to museums and wonderful landscapes. We had great tour guides and undoubtedly: loads of fun!

Next to this, we visited the castle with the tour that ESN NL provided, and admired the St. Vitus Cathedral with the famous stained glass by Alphonse Mucha. 

Overall experience

And so, the trip back started again…

Carlos: “Obviously, the days in Prague were also very tiring, but what is that compared to life-long memories with our dear Wageningen friends? :)”

Claire: “This trip was definitely a highlight of my four-month exchange at Wageningen!”

All the mentioned and unmentioned moments will make the Prague trip unforgettable, due to the international atmosphere and good organization. Worth it!