That’s it. Period 3 is almost over, feels weird, especially since this is the period in which I spent all my time on IxESN. In period 3 and 4 half the board is full time and the other half is doing a course, so next period you might spot me on the campus for the first time in ever. Another weird fact is that we’re already starting to look for boardmembers, just as I finally feel like I -really- know what I’m doing, we’re starting to look for replacements.

It made me think about what it means for me to be on the board. I joined the board because I wanted to learn what it’s like to function in a team where everyone is equally motivated and working towards a joint goal. I got that experience and so much more. Everyday I learn so much about myself and about others. I also now know how to deal with excel, which is pretty neat.

I (hope to) hear you wondering, ‘that’s all great, Onna, but what do you áctually do when you’re a boardmember?’. A task that every board member has is to be at their office shifts. During usual periods you follow a course and spend either your mornings or your afternoons with doing things for IxESN. There are two office shifts and the other three free parts of the day you can work wherever you like. In the case of me and Janneke (Buddy Coordinator) that is at Columbus coffee where we consume copious amounts of coffee or the public library. Outside of your duties during the day you are present at the weekly drink every now and then and try to attend all the activities we offer in the evening.

I’m proud to say that I haven’t regretted becoming a board member a single time (yet).