It may seem like ages ago, but a while ago it was almost Christmas. And with almost Christmas comes…. CHRISTMAS MARKETS!

Initially I wasn’t so excited, because I’m not a Christmas-y person in the sense that I like all the fluff and Christmas songs. However, I was convinced to come along to Dusseldorf anyway and it was the best decision I could have made.

We arrived at the first Christmas market around eleven, at which point I promptly lost the rest of the board because I was looking at a stall selling at least 4 different kinds of sausages. Luckily I could tag along with three awesome internationals (Bernardo, Margerita and Matteo) and… THEIR DOG!

I’m a cat person but this dog stole my heart. His name is Galao. Or at least, that’s what it sounded like. Bernardo and Margerita decided to take their amazingly cute dog (check out the picture) to Dusseldorf so he didn’t have to sit home-alone all day.

We browsed around the first Christmas market while munching on our sausage sandwiches (which, by the way, were so good). After two markets we settled down at a really nice coffee spot. Of course I forgot to take pictures, but it was a really nice hipster-ish coffee bar which had only opened a couple of days before. This was the first time I could notice I was with an Italian and two Portuguese people, as they spent over ten minutes talking about the best kind of coffee and how to make it. The lack of interesting things I could contribute to the conversation made me feel like a bit of a peasant, but oh well. Meanwhile the dog was munching on treats. It was cute. By the way, while we had our first coffee, the rest of the board had their first Glühwein, I later heard.

The rest of the day we spent walking around, consuming more classic German foods and drinking Glühwein. I think we finished walking around at the Christmas markets at around four, after which we continued with the normal shopping. Dusseldorf is actually a really cute town when it comes to that: lot’s of cute boutique like shops, one of which sold really cool watches. Only as we were buying a watch for Bernardo the dog chose exactly that moment to start farting like crazy. The poor thing. We just kept our faces straight and prayed nobody would notice. After buying the watch our day winded down to beers and some sitting because we were getting pretty tired. We had drinks at a brewery were you had to put your coaster on top of your glass, otherwise they’d just keep giving you new beers!

For dinner we met up with the rest of the board again. By then it was really nice to see my girls again and we had surprisingly nice Asian food at a really cheap little restaurant. With filled bellies we hobbled back to the bus.

I decided that I may still not really like Christmas markets, but I officially don’t dislike them anymore! (especially if a cute dog comes along)