We had been excited for so long about this trip. Since the national board announced we were going to Prague, we were looking forward to it as a board.  Also, for us it was going to be more like a holiday than one of our usual responsible excursions.

Happy to see that around 50 of our members would join the trip, we got into the bus. Before we got to Prague we had to survive the dreaded 10 hour bus drive. Everyone had a different tactic: some came in onesies, some had blankets and cushions, some had a lot of wine (the Brazilians again) and others had a food survival packet (Onna and me).

We were the first section to arrive in Prague (the rest was stuck in traffic) and made good use of that. After we dumped our stuff in the hostel, we explored the city to find some lunch. We were very happy to find out that our hostel was only a 10 minute walk away from most places. The lunch gave us some energy again and made us ready for the city tour. Our guides took us past the highlights of the city and gave us some interesting facts (and some wrong ones: the Disney castle is based on the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany and not on the two towers on the old town square). Just like all the other tourists in the city we waited in front of the Astronomical clock like a flock of sheep. It’s a pretty clock, but not that special. We ended in the big shopping street and decided we had to come back to that huge toy store world.

Then there was the difficulty of finding a place to have dinner. It’s a big city with a lot of choices and cheap food, how difficult could it be? We kind of gave up after the 6th full restaurant and decided that the next one with enough space would be perfect disregarding the price. Tomorrow we would reserve a place. We ate enough food to lay a good foundation for the evening, because we were going to the famous 5 story party place! And the place would be filled with about 700 ESN people.
It lived up to the stories and had cheap beer and a lot of different music styles to choose from.

On Saturday people could choose different activities to do like an excursion to Kutná Hora, a boat trip and a free treasure hunt, our activity. The groups that participated in the hunt got to see the different  spots of the city and had to do some funny tasks.

In the evening we had the biggest pub crawl anyone has ever participated in. Doing a pub crawl with 400 people isn’t really a pub crawl anymore, it’s a moving party. We first got unlimited free beers and shots in a huge used-to-be-a-church-bar . Then the party moved on to the next clubs in a bit of a chaos, but that wasn’t a problem because everyone was a bit tipsy already. At least we had managed to stay together with the board and a lot of our Wageningen members . For the final club we had to cross the river in a tram and we had a fantastic  closing party. Thanks to our GPS genie (Anouk) we safely found our way back to our beds, which sadly was not just 10 minutes away this time (more like 30 minutes).

The wonderful thing about Prague is that you can walk the whole day without actually going anywhere but still see a lot. And I think that is exactly what most people did; wandering through the city, trying a chimney cake with hot chocolate, looking for a place to have a good last Czech meal and soaking up the sun while looking out over the city from the castle. What a great way to spend a weekend away.