Boardies at the NP!

Hey guys!

As you might know, IxESN stands for International Exchange Erasmus Student Network. This week I’d like to tell you a bit more about the International Erasmus Student Network part. The ESN network consists of 39 countries and 525 local sections and it’s still growing! Now you may be wondering why I’m suddenly so interested in something else than our local section here, well, that’s because last week we had our first National Platform (NP)! We travelled all the way down to the very south of the Netherlands to a lovely city called Maastricht, where we met the boards of the 15 other ESN sections in the Netherlands.

At a NP all sections come together to decide upon matters that affect all the ESN sections. For example, we voted on the policy plan of the National Board, new partners and the Budget for this year. I honestly have to say that it was amazing. At first I thought it might be slightly tedious, considering the agenda (so many discussion points, you wouldn’t believe it), but it was actually really cool! The most awesome thing was that you get to experience decision-making at a level with which you have probably never been in contact with before. What you decide affects so many people and so many lives (even if it is only slightly). It also makes you fully understand what it means to be a part of an ESN-section.


It’s not just us here in Wageningen, it’s us all over Europe!

Next to all the talking we also had small workshops to learn about different ESN projects, one of those was the social Erasmus programme. A programme that aims to help students leave their (positive) mark on the community that they visit during their exchange. For example, in Greece they built shelters for stray dogs! We’re working on an event for Wageningen because we got really inspired, so stay tuned for that!

At night we also did a lot of inspirational stuff; mainly bonding with the other boards during a massive beercantus! For those of you who haven’t experienced this lovely activity yet; a beercantus is basically singing, drinking beer and not going to the toilet for a really long time. Trust me, it sounds weird, but it’s so much fun! We will host one ourselves coming period 2, so keep your eyes out for this one!

The Beercantus is so much fun even that I lost my voice for at least three days after, and anyone who may have spoken to me during the weekly drink last week can happily confirm this fact. I was only audible on bat-frequency. Really cool for bats, less convenient for normal people.

Anyway, now I have my voice back and even more determination to leave my mark and make a difference! Smell ya later!