To make your time in Wageningen all fun and parties, there’s a lot of stuff happening in the background. This usually happens at our office, which is why I’d like to describe a typical shift to you guys.  I can only tell you guys what the afternoon shift is like, because not all the board members are always present at the office. We have a morning and an afternoon shift, and on Monday and Tuesday mornings you’ll typically find Doret, Michelle, Anouk and Simone there, so that’s foreign country to me.

But on Thursday and Friday afternoon it’s Josonneke time! Typically we are all a) eating the whole afternoon b) quiet for most of the time c) chatting like maniacs at 15:00 exactly.

Eatingwise, Janneke is the healthy one, as she usually eats stuff like hummus and pitabreads. Then José alternately munches on fruit or chocolate and I usually steal everyone’s stuff and eat bread ‘til I feel sick. Also, we had these flyers with stroopwafels attached to them of which I’m pretty sure I ate at least half. The rest José enthusiastically gave away.

Then there’s the quiet. Fortunately for me, José and Janneke also prefer to work in silence, because I have the concentration span of a fruit fly. At three we have the chat quarter of an hour, this sounds much nicer in Dutch, ‘Het Klets-kwartiertje’.

Anyway, after the '15 minute chat' the concentration usually goes down a bit and we talk some more in between. Ooh, I almost forgot! We also have our spontaneous Albert Heijn experiments! I can tell you from experience that the seaweed salad is excellent, but the cactus fruit is quite dangerous. Both José and I got (almost) mortally wounded by its hairs, really prickly and so hard to get out!

At five we happily go home after a (somewhat) productive, but definitely cozy and  fun, afternoon.