In the Netherlands, and also in Wageningen, cycling is one of the most important means of getting around. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging to obtain a cheap bicycle for a short period in Wageningen.

For this reason, ESN has around 10 bicycles which can be rented by students. It is also an easy way to provide a friend/ family member that comes here to visit you on a bike for the weekend. 

How to get a bicycle?

Come by at our office during opening times to check if there are bikes available!! It is not possible to reserve a bike.

The renting rate per day is €1.50 for members and €2.00 for non-members. 

We always ask for a deposit of €50.- per bike (we don't have any change, so please have the exact amount with you)

Picking up or returning your bicycle is only possible during opening hours. 

The ESN Bicycle rental service has been made possible with the support of the Wageningen University Foundation. If you would like to know more about safe cycling in Wageningen we suggest to have a look at the following website: