Will you be a mentor in the Summer AID? This gives you two options for joining the Buddy Program!


  1. You want to continue with your AID group. Both mentors should fill in the subscription form and choose ‘AID group’. A lot of AID groups naturally continue to meet up after the AID, ESN supports this by offering the Buddy Program! You can participate in the full AID program and continue with your group as a buddy family for the semester afterwards.
  2. Your AID group members would not like to continue, but you would still like to become a buddy mentor. Just sign up as a buddy mentor! You will start after the Summer AID, in period 1. Students who have missed the AID will then still get a warm welcome and discover Wageningen with you.


If you are not participating in the Summer AID, you can fill in the form to sign up as a buddy mentor, starting in period 1. Fill in this form to become a buddy mentor.

If you wish to have more information or you are left with any questions about the Buddy Program email: integration@esn-wageningen.nl