From Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven (train station)

You need to take bus number 401 from 'Bushalte Airport' or bus 103 from 'Bushalte Luchthavenweg'. This bus will go to the train station (final stop). To travel in the Netherlands you need an OV-chipcard (

The OV-chipcard is the mean of payment for the public transport system in The Netherlands. The smart card has the size of a bank card, so it is easy to take with you. The OV-chipcard can be topped up with credit in euros or with a travel product such as a single or season ticket. Then you can travel anywhere within The Netherlands.

From Eindhoven (train station) to Ede-Wageningen (train station)

Upon arrival at the train station of Eindhoven you can buy an OV-chipcard and go to Ede-Wageningen.

Note that the ticket machines and the ticket offices generally do not accept credit cards. You can pay with debit cards (Maestro). Paying in cash is only possible at the ticket office. It will cost you an additional 50 eurocents.

The tickets are valid on all national trains and some international trains. For national trips like this, no reservation is needed. With the ticket you can just enter the first train that goes in the direction you want to. By using the OV-chipcard you have to check in and out by entering and leaving a station, bus or metro.

That leads us to finding the right train. You can use the blue screens near the entrance or the yellow signs. The blue screens are sorted on time. The yellow signs are sorted on destionation first. If you are not sure what to do, or where to go, don't hesitate to ask the NS service staff for help.

For the fastest way to Wageningen you should get on an Intercity service going to Utrecht. Utrecht is the station where you need to transfer. The intercity services with Alkmaar and Schiphol (airport) as final destination will also work, just get off at Utrecht Centraal (Utrecht central station)

At Utrecht you can look at one of the screens with travel information or the yellow signs all over the platforms to check the train to Ede-Wageningen. The intercity services with Arnhem and Nijmegen as their final destination pass through Ede-Wageningen.

From Ede-Wageningen (busstop) to Wageningen (bus station)

At Ede-Wageningen train station there are several lines that go to Wageningen city center (bus station); bus 84, 86 and 88. Depending on you destination one is most suitable for you. Bus 84 and 88 have pretty similar routes, but line 84 goes over the WUR campus (no stop at Hoevestein). Bus 86 goes via Bennekom and through Wageningen city center. If you are staying in an Idealis flat or have to go to their office for your room take line 84 or 88. If you have to go the university (Forum building) take line 84.

How to find the bus? When you walk down the stairs from the train platform go to your right. Walk up the stairs again (or take the slopes on the left if you have a lot of luggage) and you will see the bus platforms slightly to your right.
Remember the OV-chipcard you just bought at the airport (not the paper one)? You can use this card here as well to enter and pay for the busses (check in when you enter, check out when you leave).

Welcome to Wageningen!